International Browserday 2001, New York

After winning the 2000 edition of the International Browserday I was invited to participate in the 2001 New York-edition. The themes for both presentation was -deep down- the same: how to get people (developers) to use the medium ‘computer’ (or ‘internet’ or ‘browser’) in such a way that it may become a creative means, instead of just using it as a (boring) tool.
In this edition I chose for a ‘physical’ approach to invoke freedom of association for the user.

See the flash-presentation here.


Robert Akins (MediaChannel Media Arts Editor) on the (now on his own site):

“Henk Jan Bouwmeester’s “Mind the Gap” was more stimulating. The gap he refers to is the inherent technical or aesthetic limitations of story-telling, new-media art (and even recent tech) that allows for the imaginative presence of the users. With new and seamless technologies he foresees the troubling elimination of that gap, or in McLuhanesque terms, the erosion of our critical tools, shaping us into ever more uncritical consumers. “

Mijn bijdrage aan de International Browserday 2001 in New York.