International Browserday 2000, Amsterdam

This presentation won the special prize given by prof. Thijs Chanowski (then) from the MediaLab (Holland). In this presentation I search for a way to use different ‘human’ search-techniques to evoke a freedom of association. This ‘human’ technique found its way by giving ‘location’ an important position in displaying results from queries.

See the ‘Dawn of Browser’ flash-presentation here.


Press release from the organization of the 3d international browserday:

Thijs Chanowski of Medialab announced the winner of a special award, an internship, to be Henk Jan Bouwmeester with his browser The Dawn of Browser. Bouwmeester designed a portable box to be filled by individual users with whatever type of data.

Douglas Heingartner in Wired:

Henk Jan Bouwmeester for his “Dawn of the Browser” concept, a kind of portable, fold-up box that contains whatever data a user wants to fill it with.

Mijn (winnende) bijdrage aan de International Browserday 2000 in Amsterdam.