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1. 360degrees - Sue Jonhson & Alison Cornyn
Exploring jail cells, judge chambers and police cars while listening to the stories from a personal diary...
2. Op Weg Naar Stadskanaal - Leonieke Daalder
A portrait of the contemporary Dutch music scene and industry through the eyes of Junkie XL, Dreadlock Pussy and Zea.
3. Sharkfeed - John Grech
In 1960 during the post-WWII immigration wave, the Australian Bazil Thorne wins the Opera House Lottery which in turn leads to the kidnapping and death of his son Graeme.
4. American Views Stories of the Landscape - Russet Lederman
A personal and eclectic vision of the American landscape arises out of the memories of three different people.
5. PASSenger - Mia Makela
Passers-by are not just ghosts without goals but rather people living their daily lives: going to work, going home, going somewhere...
6. Luis I think - Miroslav Nicic & Borjana Ventzislavova
A melancholic roadtrip through former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria - the birth place of the film-makers - and back again...
7. 9.11 - Big Noise, Paper Tiger en Independent Media Center
Media activists use tactical media as an antidote to the pervading influence of mass media in forming public perceptions and opinions about the global crisis.
8. Witness - Sam Greory
A collection of images, sounds and texts from an human rights activist network.
9. Korsakow Syndrome - Florian Thalhofer
A collection of stories from people about the use or abuse of alcohol, in
various cities (Los Angeles, New York, Regensburg).
10. Little Sister - Andrea Zapp
An on-line surveillance soap whose source material is automated via 24-hour webcams.
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